Sunshine Yoga Studio
Yoga Classes In Gloucester

Sunshine Yoga Studio is a new Yoga Studio based at Longlevens Community Centre, Gloucester. We currently hold classes in Gloucester for Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Massage, Mum and Baby Yoga, Chair Yoga, Fitness Pilates, Kid’s Yoga and Yoga for the over 50s.

Yoga is an ancient practice originating in India which uses meditation, yoga postures, and breathing techniques.

Yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities and will help improve flexibility, relieve tension in the body, and help to put your mind into a calm and peaceful state.



Sandra Vallender


Let me tell you a bit about my yoga journey and how it’s led me to opening up the studio!

So, I started practising yoga almost 13 years ago at my local gym. I started off with just a weekly 1 hour class and loved it so much that I started going twice a week. In March 2007 after 2 years of practising, I went on a very spontaneous trip to India with a good friend and we travelled to the mountains to listen to talks given by the Dalai Lama. Whilst we were there I found an Ashtanga yoga teacher called Lalit Kumar who I practised with every day for the week we were there. I also participated in a few meditation courses.

Lalit told me about a yoga teacher training course he was running in Goa the following January and encouraged myself and my friend to go. Lalit kept in touch with me for the rest of that year and when the time came closer, he asked me again if I would go to Goa. I didn’t have the money to fund my training so Lalit made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!! He offered me the training for free in return fo my help at the studio! Not being someone to turn down a good opportunity, I had to go! So I arrived in Goa New years Eve 2007, ready to start my course on the following week. After spending 5 weeks in Goa on a very hot and intense course, I had finally gained my qualification to teach yoga!

I came back to the UK and started off teaching some of my close friends so I could find my ‘teacher voice’ and to build up my confidence. I soon started to get other people coming to my classes and my confidence grew further.

In October 2008, I moved to Cambodia to work for a yoga studio in exchange for accommodation and a small wage. During this time I was able to learn from many other teachers as well as gain more teaching experience with more advanced yogis. I also spent time working in a school and volunteering in a slum community teaching English and Yoga to children.

When I came home in 2009, I picked up a few more classes and re-started my own and also did my kids yoga teacher training certificate and baby massage instructor course and over the years, I have built up a large client base. It has been my dream for many years to open a yoga studio which included classes for the whole community and to find the perfect setting in which to fulfil my dream, and finally in September 2018, whilst i was looking at hiring a hall at Longlevens Community Centre, I was shown another 2 buildings that they were about to renovate. So me being the cheeky woman that I am asked if they would consider renting one of the building to just one person! After a couple of impromptu meetings with the manager and a couple of committee members, I had managed to persuade them that this was a good idea! And so here we are!

As we are just starting out, we have a few classes to offer but as the studio starts to grow, we will be putting on more classes to keep up with the demand!

Our classes run in 6 week blocks but we also have the option to pay as you go.  All blocks run in 6 consecutive weeks and missed classes cannot be taken off the next block but can be used in other classes. Please check out our timetable to see if something fits in with you. Please feel free to contact my with any questions and I will be happy to help! Please feel free to try out a class before committing to a 6 week block with our pay as you go scheme. Due to limited spaces available, booking in advance is strongly advised.


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